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Shri Chaman Sales and Corp is established to provide highly effective and viable solutions to the clients. We are immensely experienced in serving the industries and firms with the adept products, which are High in Quality and Cost Effective.

Based in Yamuna Nagar, we have spread our wings considerably, due to the fact that our foundation is strong with immense expertise and many happy clients.

Since 1993

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The secure and right way for your requirements.

Paints of every type and every prestigious company are offered at us. We take the pleasure in providing the best products for our customers, so that they can use the finest materials in painting their home's or office's interiors and exteriors.We understand the essence of value products which offer immense quality at affordable prices. And, the products at us are exactly inline with these qualities.

Industrial Gases

The secure and right way for your requirements.

We provide the best solutions for your business, by resorting to the top notch practices in the industry. We understand the importance of the various industrial Gases to you, and deliver top notch quality contents in an extremely secured environment. With us, you will be guaranteed with the right grade contents for your business. We will deliver them safely at your doorstep for the most affordable prices in the market.

Welding Electrode

The best welding electrodes at us for any need.

Welding electrodes have to be the finest to manufacture the best welding tools. We know this, and we are adept in sourcing the best electrodes in the market. Whatever the type of welding electrodes you need, we can provide them from the best brands. You will not spend a penny unnecessarily with us. Our high quality products will compliment the prices, which are competitive offerings in the market already.

MIG Wires and Accessories

One stop solution for MIG wires and accessories.

  Metal Inert Gas (MIG) wires and accessories should be of the prescribed quality standards, else the welding devices lose the much needed efficiency and precision. Due to the decades of experience our experts have in this field, we can provide you with the high quality MIG wires and accessories from the renowned makers. Our products are priced at competitive rates, and we are always willing to assist our customers.

S.S and Aluminium Sheets

Get sturdy and durable S.S and Aluminium sheets.

Stainless steel and Aluminium sheets are used for various purposes in the manufacturing sector. Their strength and durability are very important for those purposes. We ensure that you will get the best S.S and Aluminium sheets from us. Due to the enormous experience we have in this niche, we stack in only the best products from the top rated vendors in the market, which are quite affordable too.

LED Lights

Get the bright and durable LED Lights at us.

  LED lights come in different sizes, shapes and wattages. Each one of them are adept for specific purposes. We believe that a customer should have a number of options to choose from, and hence we have the LED bulbs of various varieties and makes. We maintain high quality standards, which makes sure that you will get only the lights in pristine working condition, and at competitive prices too.

Fire Fighting Equipment

All fire fighting equipment are available at us.

  Fire fighting equipment are the lifelines in tense situations. Without this adept quality equipment, a personnel will be unable to deliver the duties precisely, and the lives of the people will be in danger. We know about the right types and quality of equipment needed for such purposes, and hence offer highly efficient products from the top rated vendors. Purchase the finest and affordable fire fighting equipment at us.